Joy in the little things

Isn’t it funny how little things can be such a source of joy?

We’ve completed our first week at language school and we are fairly exhausted after five hours a day in class. We have a really good teacher called Ruth and she is wonderfully patient with us. We’ve also met some lovely people from many different walks of life, faiths and cultures and our little chats at break time have been a source of both fun and joy.

Our journey down to Nairobi took us along the edges of Nakuru and Gilgil. Both towns have changed out of all recognition since Liza’s childhood but the landscape remains the same, beautiful and majestic to behold. The wildlife in Kenya no longer roams free but for all that  we’ve seen giraffe, baboon, zebra and  monkeys as we’ve travelled around, each sighting bringing the joy of knowing that this country is so different yet somehow also feels so much like home.

Finally we had the joy and encouragement of happening upon some life-giving words when we visited the Cathedral here in Nairobi this week. On the day we we were commissioned at Chichester Cathedral, in September 2012, we talked about our long journey of over thirty years to get to this point and we said: “Isaiah 58 v 9b-12 is a passage of scripture which has inspired and envisioned us for this work.” The big bible in the glass case here in Nairobi Cathedral was standing open at Isaiah 58…..


Joy in the little things.


13 thoughts on “Joy in the little things

  1. What a lovely piece Liza and David! So many touch points of recognition and reassurance . We do miss you greatly and although we Fi t communicate much , think ofyou and pray often. Much love dear ones and great success with your language learning!
    Sue and Robert xx

      1. Yes we are fine thank you! Dan could do with a job ASAP and Ellie not been too well but on the plus side Grace is doing wonderfully well! They have all settled back so well we are very grateful to God x

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