What’s that you said?

Our departure for language school was put back by a week as we were co-opted to deliver our peace-building skills workshop to selected members of the communities in conflict with whom we have been working. This time we worked without an interpreter and used a mixture of Kiswahili (well, mainly our Kenyan colleagues did but we had a go too!) and our English which has now been judged as sufficiently morphed into Kenyan English complete with appropriate accent. It appeared to go down well. We just hope that when we next return to the UK you will all be able to understand what we are actually saying….
We leave on Sunday for Nairobi and language study and hopefully the old brain cells will hold out. We’d value your prayers if you’re that way inclined as the journey involves some tricky bits and there are frequent road traffic accidents here.
Bird of Paradise

It is stunningly beautiful in Kenya at the moment and things like this flower growing outside the CBR building are a daily source of joy: just wish we could share it all with you in person.



10 thoughts on “What’s that you said?

  1. I hope you have a great time at language school. As always I love and admire you both for all you are and all you are doing. We miss you loads. Xxx

  2. Although I have not responded for a long while Liza, I do enjoy reading your blog. I do hope you arrive safely at the language school – knowing you you will learn very quickly. The picture you have taken of the flower that grows outside the CPR building reminds me of John and my recent trip to Australia where we visited many botanical gardens and such tropical flowers.
    Take care. With much love Sue xx

    1. Hello Sue
      Lovely to hear from you. I’d forgotten you were going to visit Australia- sounds like you had a good time.
      Glad you are enjoying our blog and thank you for your encouragement.
      Love to you and John. x

  3. Lovely to follow your adventures in Kenya. All the best with language school – I imagine it is difficult learning yet I know you will do well. Anytime you need a co-peace builder seconded to your ministry then give me a shout! Also any special needs support, Jayne is also available!!
    Much love Micha & Jayne

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