A little bit of this and a little bit of that

The past two weeks have been fairly hectic and have involved us scurrying around, dodging the often unbelievably heavy rain. David and our good friend Thomas went down to Mombasa where they bought us a car which they then drove back up to Eldoret in a marathon fifteen hour journey. It was worth the effort and it’s great to finally have our own transport which (thanks to its four wheel drive) will be very useful for journeys into the rural areas. We had thought that we wouldn’t be able to buy a vehicle but the money unexpectedly arrived from someone who had owed it to us from several years ago and from whom we’d given up all hope of ever receiving it. What a timely provision.

Our compound cow


The copious amounts of rain have produced copious amounts of grass in our compound which has coincided with our landlord’s lawnmower breaking. However “Hakuna Matata”  comes into play and the family cows are set to work…


We used the car to go to Nakuru for a wedding last Saturday. As we travelled down from Eldoret the landscape began to change and memories came flooding back for Liza, culminating with a glorious view of the lake: it’s been almost fifty years since she saw that lake. Next time we’ll press on to the town itself and then to Gilgil so she can revisit her childhood home.

Last week involved three days at ADS revisiting the strategic plan with our colleagues as we are facing some funding challenges with some of the projects. We’ve also attended a two day course on supporting survivors of trauma which was delivered by some American psychologists and was really helpful.

This  week we are attempting to facilitate a mediation session between two communities who are locked into a serious conflict so we will need our wits about us. Next weekend, after attending our first funeral here, we will finally go down to Nairobi for language study.

So hang onto your hats!


6 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that

  1. Busy days David and Liza, Reading your post this time you mentioned many of the places we had the good fortune to visit during those three months of summer break between our two years at college, when we went to Kenya with MAF. One day we need to scan those slides and enjoy the memories. So thrilled for you that you now have a vehicle to get around. Take Care, Love from Alec & Jan.

  2. Great to have your updates. Do you have any updates on clashes we have heard about in Bungoma and Busia following election?

    1. Thank you
      News report suggest it is either resurgent cultic gangs or politically motivated: perhaps both. Since many have been killed and injured with no accompanying robbery your guess is as good as ours!

  3. Wonderful news must be very liberating getting mobile at last! And would expect Kenyan road network suits David’s driving style (if you know what I mean). Great news about the money, if its from the source I’m thinking of even better news. Love to you both. X

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