Community Based Rehabilitation

We always knew that our job descriptions would change and grow and with the elections over it has already started to happen….

David remains at the Justice and Peace Department where he and Liza are exploring the next roll out of training and he is also doing some work with the Kenyan Association of Professional Counsellors. Liza is now working two days a week at CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) which is another diocesan project based here in Eldoret. CBR is an inspirational organisation led by The Revd. Evelyn Jerotich with a dedicated, visionary team who are facing many, many challenges but facing them with dignity, faith and focus.

The story began in the early nineties, when the Reverend Canon Perciah Hutcherson from the L.A. Diocese in the U.S.A. became aware of the plight of families here in the North Rift Valley who had children with disabilities. The Episcopal Church in California caught the vision of this elderly but energetic priest and they committed themselves to helping her to make the project a reality.

The CBR Centre
The CBR Centre

A centre was built next door to the Diocesan offices. Clinics were held with teams of visiting educationalists, doctors, O.Ts and physiotherapists to name but a few. But most of all love and acceptance were offered to these children and their families, flying in the face of traditional attitudes to people with disabilities. Field workers went into the rural areas to raise awareness of CBR and to offer support to struggling families living in heart breaking isolation. The work flourished.

As Perciah grew older and her health began to fail, funding from the U.S.A. understandably began to wane. The staff team here in Eldoret did all they could to continue the work by living sacrificially themselves and looking to raise funds locally. They have had to substantially reduce the activities of CBR but have held fast to the values of love and acceptance. Liza attended their recent bimonthly clinic and watched the visiting doctors and community chaplains at work: what love in action! And what an example of a holistic gospel of peace and reconciliation as communities learn how to include those who are different from themselves.

So this is the team that Liza has joined. Wonderfully, funding has come which covers the fuel costs so field visits have been able to recommence a few days each month and Liza has been able to be a part of that work. Last week we visited a woman who has four children. The last was born with Cerebral Palsy which was viewed by the husband as a curse, so he left. This mother sends the older children to school and then goes out to try to find casual work to get food for them all. On the day we visited we found the little boy, locked in the dark one room house, lying on the floor waiting for his mother to return. She did return and she loves him very much but she is fighting to survive and is very isolated. There is so much work to be done supporting these families and there are many other stories to tell about the ministry of CBR and the hope they bring but they will need to wait for another blog post!


15 thoughts on “Community Based Rehabilitation

  1. This is the work that counts – and it is encouraging learning what you are doing with your time. I know Jayne will be encouraged as well when I tell her. Blessings abound upon you. Much love Micha and Jayne

    1. Thank you for your encouragement to us. It is so good to know you are with us in all that we are trying to do for peace and reconciliation in all their various forms…..thank you too for the beautiful prayer, we will pray it with you.
      Much love to you both
      David and Liza

  2. A prayer that can bring our hearts closer across the many miles that separate us at this time. We shall pray it throughout our journey to Easter each evening – and I trust you will be able to as well, in support of your faithful service.

    Heavenly Father,

    Before you all human beings are precious
    For we are all created in your image.
    You are known through the Scriptures
    As the Friend of the poor
    The Father of Orphans
    And the Defender of the widow.
    Look with favour on disability, especially those among us
    Who have suffered and continue to suffer
    Discrimination and abuse.
    Enable us to be bring real and lasting change
    In the lot of the blind and the lame,
    The deaf and the dumb
    And those who suffer various degrees
    Of mental and physical disability in our land.

    Touch the hearts of our leaders
    And the able-bodied in our society
    That those who suffer various degrees of disability
    May find in them
    The love, affection and assistance
    They require
    In order to live wholesome human lives.

    God of all goodness
    Grant your abundant blessings
    Upon those who in obedience to your Word
    Are devoted to the care of the sick and the disabled
    Fill their hearts with abundant joy
    And endow them
    With all the spiritual and material resources they need
    For this ministry that is so dear to your heart.
    We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  3. David and Liza – I love reading these little pictures into the world you are walking in. I am praying for the work of this community group and for encouragement and strength for all the families they support. Thank you for all you are doing and for sharing it with us all xxx

  4. Dear David and Liza, Interesting to read how your roles are developing as you are presented with endless needs. May the Lord be your inspiration as you serve. With love from Jan.

  5. Dear David and Liza – it is so wonderful to hear about all you are doing and very moving too. Thinking of you as always. Lots of love, Lynn and Paul

  6. My friend Davis Gatua works for the government counselling service based in Nakuru Town maybe you will meet up one day. Great to hear your news re disabled children Lisa will be such a blessing to them. Jacky x

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