A new president and a trip down memory lane

So we have a new president although we don’t know quite what the next few months will bring whilst the Kenyans and indeed the rest of the world work out what they think about this result.

For all the challenges the election process held, there is still much for the country to celebrate. What most people are talking about is how relieved and pleased they are that the whole process was peaceful. Party rallies were held within shouting distance of one another and there was no conflict. People queued patiently at polling stations, sometimes for more than six hours and with no ill feeling but rather counted it an honour to be able to cast their votes. The country waited incredibly quietly for the final announcement, it really was a hushed silence. Some are rejoicing at the result, some are disappointed but everyone we meet believes they have done well this time and they are committed to continuing to build peace. There is still a lot to do in addressing the root causes of conflict but we all live in hope of greater peace and reconciliation.

Tomorrow we will go to the office and look at what we will be turning our hands to over the next few weeks. Today’s joy was a trip to the supermarket after church and being asked by the young man who served us if we had “Two bob”….
Now there’s a trip down memory lane!


8 thoughts on “A new president and a trip down memory lane

  1. Hi Liza & David
    It’s great to hear that the elections went off peacefully – we have been praying for this.
    Continuing to pray for you in your ongoing ministry.
    With love in Christ

    1. Thank you, Peter, isn’t it good news?
      We are so grateful for your support both personal but also from St Paul’s as a whole. We are enjoying receiving the pew sheet each week and are able to picture you all in the parish and pray for you too.
      Thank you
      David and Liza

  2. There were 300 people being trained for counting and organising the voting each day at our hotel in Elburgon whilst I was there and it really felt as if everyone wanted to do it well and peacefully so glad prayers answered thus far. With such a will for peace it looks like a great time to work with people for reconciliation .Think of you often .Jacky

  3. Praise the Lord for a peaceful process during the elections. A wonderful time for you to be there when people may be ready to embrace forgiveness and change within new beginnings. In His Name, Alec & Jan.

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