Habemus President?!

As the polling draws to a close, the nation holds its breath…… and we await the official announcement.
But what will it mean for the people of Kenya? Will it be a cause of rejoicing and a new beginning or will it be another case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?
Will the people really be able to maintain the forward movement from many micro-nations into the one united nation that we sing about in the national anthem? Time will tell.

Whatever the immediate future holds for Kenya, there are many people who really do want this to be a new beginning of something much better. This wonderful country is a place of such contrasts. Our colleagues (and many others we have met) often speak of the corruption that is endemic at every level of society here. We marvel at their ability to remain positive and their on-going and profound commitment to their mission statement of “working with an empowered people of the North Rift to exploit God-given potentials for a dignified life and just society”.
We are learning so much from them.

On the work permits front, we are still waiting for them to arrive but we have managed to renew our temporary visas for another three months and without having to visit Uganda. However this involved an intense interview at the immigration office which left us reeling, much to the amusement of  Maritim when we related the story to him afterwards over lunch!

A roller coaster ride but all part of life’s rich tapestry…..


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