Phew, we got there!

The last month has been a complete whirlwind but hopefully our endeavours will bear fruit in the days to come. Here is a brief overview of what has been happening:

• We successfully delivered the peace building training to local peace committees, spending 24 almost consecutive days working in 12 locations. Some of the locations were in very rural areas involving 2 hour drives over rough terrain.

Karona- one of the most beautiful rural venues
Karona- one of the most beautiful rural venues

We have been considerably affected (coughing etc.)  by the copious amounts of dust but we’re so grateful for safe travel with only one flat tyre and whilst our driver sorted that out we were given cups of tea by a family living nearby who took pity on us.




Revd. Maritim and the catering team
Revd. Maritim and the catering team




We have had a wonderful team of people from a restaurant in Eldoret travelling with us, bringing food and utensils for the 35+ people each day: outside catering Kenyan style is no mean feat!


• We revisited the community in Kerio valley and took more food and some bedding, using money kindly donated by an old friend of ours in Portsmouth, who very sadly died only days later. Some of the 57 families who lost their houses and livelihoods in the landslide are being temporarily accommodated in the homes of church members. There has still not been any help forthcoming from the government so the community are doing all they can to support themselves. We are committed to going there as often as is necessary, to stand with them and do what we can, where we can. They are a very special group of people.

The Parish Church, Soin in the Kerio Valley
The Parish Church, Soin in Kerio Valley


On the day we visited, we attended the church service and then ate lunch which had been cooked under “our” beautiful tree and was served to everyone who happened to be there, regardless of who they were.




• We are hoping and praying that our work permits arrive by Friday 1st March…..otherwise we will have to do a flit across the Ugandan border and then return and purchase another temporary visa, in order to be back in situ for the elections on 4th March.

Day off tomorrow, hurrah! We will go in to town, drink coffee and eat cake and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Eldoret.


12 thoughts on “Phew, we got there!

  1. Hi Liza! Hop and trust both of you are fine and not coughing now. The sunny whether can cause much havoc on our health in this season . I am doing well and looking forward to coming home on the 28th of this month, ouch! Cant wait to see my family. We are having the Fund raiser fuction on saturday 2/3/2013, kindly we ask you to contribute something for us. I hope to see you during my nine day stay at home. Meanwhile I hope those you love most abroad are well and healthy despite missing you, and you missing them. May God be with you in you do as you work with our people. I love you people very much.Bye Sarah

  2. Praise the Lord for all you have been able to do in such a short time. Really appreciate your updates. Love from Alec and Jan.

  3. So wonderful to read about all you are both achieving- sorry should put my money where my mouth is and give a bit regularly to support- how ? Juliet x

  4. Thank you for your wonderful updates which keep us all “in the loop” – keep up the fantastic work, love and best wishes from the St Paul’s Mission Coordinating Group xx

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and your support. We are enjoying receiving your pew sheets each week so that we can picture all of you….Thank God for the internet!
      Every blessing to all of you at Paul’s.
      David and Liza

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