The Three Musketeers meet a gallery of Chiefs

The last two weeks have been unbelievably hectic but also great fun and very fulfilling. The story began with a visit to the office of Daisy, the District Peace Officer who is directly accountable to the District Commissioner. Daisy is very visionary and very passionate about what she does…….the result of which is that we were quickly co-opted with Revd. Maritim to deliver a series of Peace Building training workshops throughout the district. The initiative is a joint venture between the Government of Kenya and US AID and is designed to support and develop Local Peace Committee members so that they can monitor and care for their communities, especially important in this run up to the election.
So enter “The Three Musketeers”, having pooled our resources and come up with a training package which creatively delivers the chosen materials with considerable laughter along the way.

Training at Kesses
Revd. Maritim and Daisy

It has been a real joy to work together as a team and to facilitate the development of these committed and compassionate volunteers.
Each community has been different and it has been fascinating watching the part played by the local chiefs and District Officers during the course of the training.
Snapshots include:
• A dignified Moslem gentleman quietly watching over his flock and a dynamic multi-skilled and multi-tasking young woman with her finger firmly on her people’s pulse
• A thoughtful and insightful man who highlighted complex issues with a rugged faith and a dapper gentleman full of energy and optimism
• A highly organised and passionate man galvanising and motivating his troops and the return of the dapper gentleman above
• Another man, ably acting up after the recent death of his boss in a local RTA, demonstrating deep compassion for and identification with his people and an extremely smart and perceptive young woman

“The Three Musketeers” will continue this training programme over the next few weeks and we’ll no doubt meet many more wonderful people who are just as committed to serving their local communities and promoting peace.

Please God, we can all work together well and see a positive outcome from these elections.


4 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers meet a gallery of Chiefs

  1. Thinking of you all the time dear David and Liza… proud to know you and read all that you are experiencing through love, friendship and hard work……praying for laughter to continue to feature in your journey xxxxxx

  2. Wonderful seeds of hope you guys are sowing and I am certain that in due course God will bring the increase. You are in our prayers.

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