Christmas Day Kenyan Style

• 6.00 a.m. alarm goes off as we are being picked (Kenyans drop the “up”) at 7.30 to spend the day in rural Kenya
• Receive text message: we are now being picked at 8.00
• 7.00 a.m. Skype conversation with Jo and Lucy, Dino & Jay Jay (Jerry-Angelo, Maori middle name still to come) in NZ and for a wonder we have reasonable reception
• 8.00 a.m. Revd. Maritim Rirei collects us and we drive to Cheptiret parish where we collect his wife and two chickens sitting quietly and companionably in a basket
• “It is not such a good day for the chickens!” grins Maritim as we drop them off to be made into Christmas dinner
• Off to St Andrew’s Church, Nandet for Holy Communion. Maritim presides, Liza greets the congregation and David preaches, interpreted by the Lay Reader into the local language, Nandi
• Afterwards in the churchyard we share plums, sweets and biscuits with the congregation as a Christmas celebration. We are also given some oranges and beetroot to take home with us (They were part of the offering during the service.)
• Off to spend the afternoon eating and socialising with Maritim’s mother, many brothers, wives and children. Such hospitality. Chicken and beef stews, two types of rice and chapattis all washed down with Fanta. Then a selection of wonderful fruit and a tiny piece of the Brownies which Liza had baked as a gift before she realised quite how large the family is…..note to self double quantities from now on!
• Finally a cup of traditional Nandi fermented milk and then a cup of chai (Kenyan tea)
• Leave taking and one last gift to us of a large plastic container of milk fresh from the family cows
• 6.30 p.m. arrive home tired and happy. Skype conversation with Christina. Poor reception, perhaps due to the extremely heavy downpour.
• Missing family, friends and longstanding traditions but so glad to be here. A strange mixture of emotions.

Do hope you all had a good time too.


12 thoughts on “Christmas Day Kenyan Style

  1. We were in the cathedral on Christmas morning and wondered where you would be celebrating Christmas, so thank you for letting us know! Glad you had a good day, ours was very quiet and just how we like it! Lots of love Lynn x

  2. Fantastic! what a tale – can just imagine some of it, other parts the mind boggles. Robert has been to Kenya and travelled a bit there so the livestock as companions while travelling strikes a chord! so glad you had a great day – memories forever. much love Sue and Robert xx

  3. Dear Liza and David, it is wonderful to read that you had such a full and varied day….it sounds like a true adventure and we think of you and talk about you all the time, hoping each day is filled with new experiences, enough to balance out missing your family and of course your friends. We had a fantastic day. My brother came on Christmas eve and spent 2 days with us, it was his first ever Christmas with a sibling. All the boys announced it was the ‘best Christmas ever’ and we would have to agree….so much love to you xxxxxxx

  4. Great to hear of your day David and Liza. So good to get an insight into the culture and your new lifestyle. Were the chickens quiet because Liza was doing all the squawking? 😉

    Love from all the Moneries xx

  5. We are having a new year dinner tonight and thought of you both.It sounded like a great Christmas Day pray you will continue to make new friends and find your Kenyan identity amongst all the hospitality.
    Love from Jacky and Ian

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