Houston, we have a house

We left the hotel on Monday and have just finished unpacking and putting our five suitcases worth of belongings into our new home. We have sourced our furniture locally and have had a few teething problems with electrics, internet and the washing machine but despite all that our little house is beginning to feel like home. We even have a tiny Christmas tree (bought last January at the M & S sale and squashed into a suitcase).

We have had meetings with the teams with whom we are working and we are in awe of their faith-filled approach to the many difficult challenges the people are facing here in the North Rift region of this beautiful, beautiful land. This week has also included two days of strategic planning for the next three years. It has been great to be planning with our colleagues at ADS (Anglican Development Services) knowing that we will be here to watch those plans unfolding.

We took part in the annual conference of the Kenyan Anglican Youth Organisation where we were asked to take a one hour session on peace and reconciliation and we even attended the wedding of one of the clergy, deep in the heart of Nandi country after a couple of hours drive on unmade up roads: a wonderful experience.

The kindness and hospitality of our new friends remains humbling. We have been given our own office and have yet to discover who gave up their place so that we could find ours….

Hard at work!
Hard at work!
Our office
Our office

Liza has been quite overwhelmed from time to time: as one Kenyan colleague said “You are a child of this soil.” and it certainly feels like that is true, with a myriad of emotions and memories flooding back from her childhood here.
The acclimatisation process, both physical (we are at very high altitude here) and cultural is tiring but so worthwhile. We are looking forward to a couple of days of rest now over the festive season as life has been quite hectic.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers!


20 thoughts on “Houston, we have a house

  1. Liza and David – wonderful news, so pleased for you. Have a lovely Christmas both of you. Thinking of you often. Lots of love, Lynn.

  2. So lovely to read you are settling into your new home. With every blessing for a happy and Christmas. Thank you so much for your 2nd link letter.

    Ruth (Faringdon)

  3. Hi David and Liza, lovely to hear that you’re settling in so well. Also really enjoying watching, albeit from afar, the realisation of such long held dreams. Love to both of you. xx

  4. So much has happened in your short time in your new location. May this Christmas season be of special joy as you celebrate the Saviour with new friends and colleagues. Greetings from Alec & Jan

  5. Marvellous to hear this news! And a very very Happy Christmas to you too. May it be full of amazing blessings and peaceful rest! Much love Sue and Robert xx

  6. Hi you two I please to see that you have somewhere to live. The M & S Chrismas tree cracks me up. take care have a wonderful Christmas. Rob & Sue

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