A week’s reflection

Sometimes a week seems a very long time when you look back at what has happened. Our first week here in Eldoret has been action packed at times but has also included periods of quiet in our hotel room.

During these quieter times David has continued to write his journal. Here is one entry:

“It is said of Winston Churchill that a journalist once told him that Neville Chamberlain, his political rival, was a modest man.
To which Winston wittily (and cruelly) replied, “He has much to be modest about!”
Well, since our arrival we have much to be modest about. We have distracted many good people from their routines as they have unstintingly considered what would be best for us, cared for us, helped us with transport, house hunting, and hosting us so we didn’t feel lonely, welcoming us deep into their hearts and lives.
We can honestly (and ruefully) say that we doubt the level of hospitality and karibu (welcome) would be anywhere near the like were roles to be reversed, and we Brits were welcoming visitors to our ‘home’ cultures.
Our only hardship to date has been to accept the kindness, go with the flow, and gratefully enter doors our gracious hosts have opened for us.
So we start our plunge into the local cultures, humbled and stimulated by our reception and the newness of life patterns here.
We have come to love, to learn from people, and to be taught by God.
All we can do to repay our hosts’ generous hospitality is to give ourselves whenever and wherever we are, to these three endeavours.”

And that is what we shall do!

P.S. Apologies for the lack of photos but our erratic internet connection is not allowing us to add them to the blog at the moment.


3 thoughts on “A week’s reflection

  1. Dear David and Liza,

    Welcome to East Africa! I’ve been in Dar Es Salaam since September and can certainly identify with the wonderful welcome and hospitality you’ve received. Although your description of your arrival is way outside my experience of flying so far! Would be wonderful to touch base at some stage, the nature of my work is that I’m likely to be visiting Kenya in due course, I’ll be in touch. With love to you both, Geoff (Tennant)

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