The Eagle has landed….with a lesson in trust

6.00 am Wednesday 5th December
“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have started our descent into Jomo Kenyatta airport, Nairobi, but we have been informed that the weather conditions are extremely unfavourable and no planes have yet made a successful landing today…….”

What?! What happened to those planes…what will happen to us?

“I have decided to make one attempt at landing and if this is unsuccessful then you will hear a change in the engine noise as we climb steeply again and we will continue on to Mombasa. I apologise for this, but the situation is beyond my control.”

Beyond the pilot’s control and beyond ours too.
So all we could do was trust that the lovely, calm Kenya Airways pilot Ahmed knew what he was doing and that we were safe in his hands.
We immediately encountered the densest fog we’d seen for a long time and continued our descent, finally connecting with the runway but still unable to see a single thing: this was not the Africa we had previously known! There was palpable relief on the faces of all the passengers and a spontaneous round of applause for the pilot.
We then had over an hour waiting for our suitcases to be unloaded, whilst the fog cleared and with only thirty minutes to spare before our onward flight to Eldoret, we left without two of our bags. We were assured they would be sent on to us by the evening and once again all we could was to trust the ground staff.
The cases duly arrived in the evening.

We now have a few more situations which require us to exercise our trust. The most pressing of which is finding somewhere to live as the Diocese have not yet found anywhere suitable and we are living out of suitcases in a truly authentic Kenyan hotel. As the Bishop said to us yesterday “The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head……!”
So we have learned a lot about trust in two short days and doubtless there is more to come.
It is good to be here. Karibu Kenya


21 thoughts on “The Eagle has landed….with a lesson in trust

  1. Great to know you have landed surroundedby prayer. Fog must be common in Kenya. It happened to me once and we had to fly onto Tanzania. Problem was we were in a South African Airways plane and at that time Tanzania and SA were not onspeaking terms. So we were parked by the perimeter fence with no access to food or other conveniences! for hours on end in the hot sun. Marion Syms

  2. Jaw dropping announcement! Am so glad Ahmed was successful……
    Thinking of you and praying for somewhere to lay your heads….xxxx

    1. BTW I mean to tell you that, extraordinarily, I bumped into Christina at London Bridge station! It’s been years since we’ve seen each other, and it was a very busy rush-hour, but my brain registered that it was her just in time to call out her name, and she turned back and we had a brief but very nice chat! x

  3. Ah, lovely to hear you have arrived safely and yet with an interesting descent. Reminded me of the many times I have gripped either of your hands on a flight and cut off all circulation. I’ll be praying that you can find a home soon, but in the meantime, how seasonal to be at the hands of an innkeeper. Lots of love to you both xxx

  4. Glad you are safely there! But what I have really been wondering is ‘did the baby arrive safely’?!!

    Praying for you both as you adjust to this new lifestyle – Kay & Alastair xx

    1. Thanks Kay. Yes, he did arrive safely and he is beautiful. If you look at a couple of earlier blog entries you will see a picture of him. trust all is well with all of you at Henfield. David and Liza x

      1. I’m not very good at this blogging stuff!! Just seen your reply and the beautiful pictures of your grandson – who looks very healthy! So pleased you will have Skype to help you stay in touch with them. Happy Christmas and praying that the Peace of the Prince of Peace will be with you both always – xxx

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