“And they’re off!” Or at least we hope so…..

Only 4 days to go and things are getting a little bit stressful.
Two desks are now covered with lists and the lists are daily having things added to them as one job appears to breed another.
At Thanksgiving, our lovely daughters presented us both with Kindles as early Christmas presents. Very exciting but time consuming too as we are now also trying to find cheap books at the Amazon store and a very kind friend is putting Liza’s music on hers.

Speaking of kindness we have been astonished by the people we have encountered over the last two weeks and their response to us. We had heard through the grapevine that a few people thought we are “off for a jolly in sunny Africa” and they were fairly unimpressed.  So it has been both encouraging and uplifting to have so many people (of all faiths and none and from retail staff to long lost friends who found us via Google) declare that the work for reconciliation and peace that we are about to do really is important.

We might not manage another blog entry for a while as we don’t yet know what our internet access will be like but we will post our news as soon as we can.

Thank you for choosing to fly with us today!



8 thoughts on ““And they’re off!” Or at least we hope so…..

  1. Dear David and Liza, Yesterday I finished writing your Christmas card and congratulated you on the new arrival in New Zealand. Now I read your latest bulletin and see there is no point in my sending you the card. So we wish you well in the days to come of many new and challenging experiences. May the Lord use your love and deep desire to minister to hurting people in a meaningful way. Pray that all the initial practicalities go well. God bless you abundantly. Love from Alec and Jan.

    PS I’m hoping that this works just to hit reply and write and send. Please Confirm receipt.

  2. Oh bong voyage dear friends- you will be in our hearts thoughts and prayers . Of course you are going there to do important work – no- one ever doubted that! We pray the transition will be smooth and as ever our wonderful God will provide perfectly all you need in every aspect. Hugs love and kisses . You leave a huge gap but you are going to fill an even bigger one . Love you xx

  3. I’m so sorry we won’t be able to say goodbye in person – but I’m excited to think of you taking this step at last and so look forward to keeping in touch through blog and FB and hearing how it all goes. I’ll be praying for you. Much love, Ruth xx

  4. Liza and David, all of us at St James, Bramley, are going to be following your journey to Eldoret. You are always on the Prayer List on our weekly Church Family News, and this Sunday in particular we will remember you in our congregational prayers. May the Lord bless and keep you as you take this big step of faith.
    With love,
    Ann and John Lenton

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