The Long Goodbye

Tomorrow Liza leaves New Zealand to wend her way home to Chichester, via San Francisco (a city she has always wanted to visit), where she has an unexpected but exciting 6 hour layover.

Then the final countdown will kick in for two short weeks. We are happy to report that David’s list making and indeed list following skills have gone up several notches whilst Liza has been away…… but there is still a lot to do. Being apart for these three weeks has been easier that it used to be. Thank God for the internet: though many would beg to differ we are now very much aware that it makes saying farewell to those on the other side of the world a little bit less painful. This is of some comfort to us as we now start the process of saying “Goodbye for now” to family and friends in the U.K.

Goodbye for now……

So the next two weeks will be spent checking those lists, shopping, packing, visiting travel clinics and dental surgeries, celebrating Thanksgiving and seeing family and friends.

Something we need help with is amassing a collection of DVDs to take with us to Kenya as watching things on our laptops will initially be our main source of entertainment so if you know of any that are going spare  please do let us have them.

One final great piece of news. David recently posted this update on Facebook:

“I’m sorry to report that academic standards must have slipped at Hull University, as I have today learned that they have awarded me an MA in Restorative Justice. Many, many thanks to all who have supported me over the last two years. The list is long, and must be abbreviated to avoid turning this into an Oscar speech, but special mention must be made of : –

1) Liza, for a long time a Dissertation widow

2) Sue Anderson in Whanganui, New Zealand,the gateway and sine qua non of my research

3) Cynthia Leslie for calming a recurrent and acute case of methodological collywobbles

4) Dr Margarita Zernova, my supervisor, for her unfailing encouragement and wisdom.
Honour to them all!”


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