Compassion: a garment that comes in many shapes and sizes?

Liza went into school last week for the final supply date prior to our departure for Eldoret. The school is designated SEBD and the boys face enormous personal challenges as they learn to navigate their way through the educational system , hopefully preparing for life in the wider world. It was a full on day!

The day included a last minute request to do a Key Stage 3 assembly talking about what we will be doing in Kenya. The boys were very attentive and some were really moved. At the end of the assembly one of them volunteered  to say the school’s version of the Lord’s Prayer as a response to what they had heard. He said the prayer beautifully with passion and compassion. It brought to mind the words of St Paul in Colossians 3 v12  where he exhorts us: “Clothe yourselves with compassion”.

Looking at ourselves and at those boys we can safely say that Compassion is a garment that comes in many shapes and sizes…..


8 thoughts on “Compassion: a garment that comes in many shapes and sizes?

  1. Hi David and Liza,

    Have you come accross that book: When helping hurts?

    There is also a website: or Helping Without Hurting.

    We have studied this book and find it a prerequisite to helping anybody!

    I hope you get a chance to read t his.

    Kind regards,

    Shirley Hutter

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