Thunder, lightning and a special time

Last Sunday the Dean and Chapter of Chichester Cathedral gave us the chance to talk about our journey towards this point of imminent departure for Eldoret and our hopes and dreams for our time there. Afterwards as we stood in the South Transept drinking coffee the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning made their presence felt…..Then later at Evensong in stillness and peace, yet with a deep sense of being empowered we were commissioned for the challenges and joys that lie ahead. 

A very special time indeed.

We’d love to hear some stories about your special times.


5 thoughts on “Thunder, lightning and a special time

  1. Wish we could have been there to here how God has been leading you two.

    Liza sorry that you won’t be in Chichester when we come through on Monday 5th Nov. But so thrilled it’s because you’re going to be with Lucy for the delivery time. Please greet her from us. Praying all will go exceptionally well.

    We’ll be in touch nearer the time of our visit David to see if you might be free for us to meet up during that day.

    Take Care, Love from Alec and Jan

  2. Rumblings of thunder as tectonics shift and more than 30 years of currents and swirls, offerings and sacrifice, patient impatience, tears and laughter begin to build…

    Let the rain begin


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