The Diary continues…..

The evening after the visit to Kiambaa David writes:

“But there was one more encounter in store for me. After supper- Rose made chapatis, which were delicious -although swallowing is very painful, especially at the start of any meal- we sat and talked about family stuff and the Nandi language.

Patrick works alongside this centre

Eventually I asked her some questions which she could not answer, and she then referred me to her friend Patrick, who seems to pop round from time to time.
And then I met him, and a more humble and gentle man it would be hard to find.

He is softly spoken and his work is to look after disabled children and rescue them from the caves and back rooms where their parents hide them, treating them as dogs or worse, because they are ashamed of them, or fearful of curses, or of others’ ridicule. Patrick was himself rejected after his father remarried, and vowed to God that he would never allow other children to feel what he then felt. He has been doing this for 20 years, has adopted many, and organises rescue with the help of social services and the church. He shone as he spoke to me.

He has even been arrested by the police because the parents have reported him as a child stealer, but he smiled beautifully as he recounted this, and added that he has many friends. Further, having shown the police where the parents kept the child, the askaris said to him, “We’re sorry, we arrested the wrong man!”

So, what a lovely contrast with this morning’s experience to end the day!”

Patrick inspires us.  Who inspires you? We’d love to know.


7 thoughts on “The Diary continues…..

  1. Thanks Gemma.
    There is so much good in this world and in so many people and how they respond to situations like this one. It’s good to be reminded sometimes….

  2. Wow. What a great blog post, about a wonderful man! I, myself, live with a disability. I can’t imagine having people who ashamed of it, or that it would be a curse. I mean, it can be difficult to deal with living with a disability, or having your first/any children with a disability. But I’ve always been taught that “everything happens for a reason” so it’s something you have to endure and see through. So I guess I could say my parents are inspiring, enduring so much, and never giving up or letting go-always knowing that there will be brighter days ahead if one day or moment is not so pleasant.

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