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Lockdown: how’s it been going?



Chichester City

The dormant city settles,

A dumpy woman plumping cushions on a sofa

For a sit-down and a cup of tea,

A welcome break before a grunt

And into action once again;

Lighting the streets and dealing with the waste,

Housing frail bodies in her brick and stone

And lightly marking her inhabitants

With names and drains and history.


She claims to be indifferent

To her charges, but other grimier cities

Do not believe her,

But are too nice to say it,

Nor will they stay for supper,

Winking at each other while they nod at her

And take another biscuit, with yet another cuppa.


But when the break should have been over,

Instead, all has been slowed,

And Lockdown stills her paces.

Her human brawling sprawling throngs,

The caterwauling and the songs

No longer congregate in parks and offices

Or scramble for their sports and entertainment,

Nor skitter to and fro

To fill her designated places;



Her shuttered shops and doors

And eerie empty spaces

With notices on windows,

Describe her deprivation.


Her visitors have gone,

Each shakes a head at their predicament,

Secretly pleased they do not care as much

As Novio Magus.

She folds her feet up on the sofa,

Tucks hand on double chin

And ponders for a daydream season.


She knows a strange disquiet.

Without her little humans,

Her life has little reason.

© David Cooke, April 2020


Lockdown’s been tough for some of the people we know here in Chichester.

But when we feel we are losing our way, then the glories of this built and natural environment can work their magic and hope can spring up once again.


Stay well one and all!






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