Decisions, decisions

As a family we have made quite a few of these recently – the details of most of them will need to wait until another time.

Apart from this one.

It’s been a tough one to make but for a whole host of reasons we know it is right.

At the end of this term Liza will finish teaching after almost 30 years of doing something she has fiercely loved.

That’s just under half of her lifetime.

So Christmas will mark the beginning of a new era for us with all its attendant anxieties and adventures!



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Sh*thole Countries

Our social media feeds resonated throughout January with reactions to this name-calling episode. We were initially horrified by what had been said and then highly amused as numerous Kenyans responded with cutting wit and belly-laughing humour.

Then this week we heard  about the shutdown of the  main TV stations and our hearts sank- another attack on the proud democracy that so many Kenyans hold dear. Once again our social media feeds were full of stories of people standing up for freedom of speech.

The temptation for many of us outside the situation appears to be to revert to name-calling.

On further reflection however we realised that the level of control currently being attempted in Kenya has the same roots as that of the name-calling in other places.

Power, it’s all about power.

And Power does not like being challenged does it?

Our hearts and prayers are with our colleagues working in civil society in Kenya and indeed the world over- those who courageously and peaceably speak truth to power.