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Some more new beginnings

It’s been an eventful couple of months since we last updated the blog.  In addition to all our usual commitments we’ve had something very special to keep us busy…..

July brought the arrival of a new baby brother for Huxley- Otis William, weighing in at 7lb 6oz.when-huxley-met-otis.jpg

Otis is flourishing. However Huxley is currently facing a number of tricky health challenges so we are hoping and praying for a bit of a breakthrough for them all.

July also saw Liza being commissioned as a Spiritual Director, after completing the Ecumenical formation programme run by the Carmelites at Aylesford Priory. This is something Liza has wanted to pursue for a number of years and it heralds a new beginning in a new ministry so she is both nervous and excited in equal measure!

And at Community Based Rehabilitation in Eldoret, the wonderful Director The Revd Evelyn Jerotich has finally retired after many years of faithful service to both the Anglican Church and to people with disabilities in the North Rift of Kenya. CBR still faces serious funding issues and  the future of this remarkable organisation is a bit uncertain. Once again we find ourselves standing with our Kenyan friends as we trust and watch to see what might unfold.

David trip 15

So a time of change, a time of thanksgiving for all that has gone before and a time of looking forward in hope to all that lies ahead.


It is that time of year again when if you venture out onto the glorious Sussex Downs you might be in with a chance of encountering an unusual species. Walking along, cheerfully chatting to himself, stopping to address the butterflies you will find David….He adores … Continue reading Butterflies